Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hang Mokhtar Musician/Composer/Album Producer.

I have a home recording studio.My intention of having the studio is to do recording for the veteran singers who're still popular but never have a chance again to record their songs due to age.This is the scenario in Malaysia once you old even though you can sing, the recording companies won't do recording for them anymore,only few selected ones you can count by fingers.The rest of the unlucky ones will do something else just to survive, even they can sing for Rm100 or lower than that jut to earn a living.Before they'll be forgotten forever ,I took the initiative to set my studio and have done a few albums for them and few are airplayed.The problem is that I dont have enough fund to print the album,to video the songs and make a karaoke version of the productions.I have approached a lot of the companies.The answer is "The singer is too old." but they dont realize that they are still good.So I hope, from the bottom of my heart please help them and someone out there who is willing to sponsor them in term of anything regarding the productions and they can sell the album on their own at least they still can create their on shows to promote their album before they will be forgotten forever.Sincerely Hang Mokhtar

Vespa for Sale Model 1969

Vespa for Sale Model 1969 going for Rm2500//=


Send me your lyric I'll sing and record it for you,regarding anything humor with message. Hang Mokhtar that song "Ayo Yo Samy"(TollSong)that really put me into a hot soup.But now I think they can accept it by now, because they are coming to a maturity stages.Remember I still perform
For any parties at your maximum budget,dont worry!.My motto:"YOU EAT I SING ,YOU PAY ME I SLEEP WELL"

Instrumantal Gitar (Old Songs)

Abum Terbaru Hang Mokhtar:Guitar Instrumental Lagu lagu Klasik:
01.Harapan Cinta
02.Dodoi Si Dodoi
03.Yale Yale
04.Sejakku Bertemu Padamu
05.Ayam Den Lapeh
06.Laju Perahu Laju
07.Itulah Sayang
08.Joget Amjada
09.Aduh Sayang
10.Anakku Sazali
11.Joget Penghibur
12.Tiada Kata Secantik Bahasa
13.Hanya Nyanyian

*Price Rm 12.90 Post Rm 2

Hang Mokhtar Album Terbaru (Instrumental Gitar)

Instrumental Guitar by Hang Mokhtar (Lagu2 Kroncong)
01.Jangan Di Tanya
02.Selamat tinggal Bungaku
03.Semakin Sayang
04.Cinta Luka Hampa
05.Sayang Di Sayang
06.Untuk Kali Kedua
07.Kenang Daku Dalam Dirimu
08.Merak Kayang
09.Jangan kau Tinggalkan
11.Terjumpa Idaman
12.Bunga Pujaan
13.Selamat Berbahagia

*Price Rm 12.90 Additional Rm 2 fo Postal Service

Condo di Bukit Antarabangsa for sale

My Condo di Impian Selatan Bukit Antarabangsa mahu di jual Buildup 1480 sq ft.going for
Rm250 k.